Koi Collection


These are actual carp skins that are tanned in a similar process as cowhide but more sustainable and just as durable. The skins come from commercial fisheries and are processed in Canada by removing the scales and the texture you see are the scale pockets. Two textures, suede & glazed. Suede is much like cowhide suede but the scale pockets add more texture and colors are more subdued.  Glazed is ridged and most durable with the most saturated colors. And just like cowhide leather please keep away from water and use a leather/suede cleaner when needed.

                                        A chic urban look in neutral tones or a fun pop of color!

Single Snap Wrap

Select Texture, color and size. Bracelet will be approximately 1” wide at smallest end to approximately 1”-2” at other end.




Double Snap Wrap

Select Texture; top glazed, bottom suede, color and size. $32



Koi 3 Earrings; 3 layers of carp leather in sunset with silver plated accents (left) or peacock with gold plated accents (right). 2 3/4”l x 1 1/2”w. $42

Koi AC, Inspired by Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculpture. Glazed carp leather with sterling silver. 2 1/2” l x 1”w $40

Lhamo 5

Lhamo 1 med

Lhamo Necklaces

Inspired by Tibetan amber bead necklaces I hand make these beads by covering wood with glazed carp fish leather on leather cord or hemp with wood, coconut and hand made porcelain beads.