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Wholesale Price List 2013

Thank you for your interest in my work. All prices below are wholesale and this page is viewed by invitation only. Approximate lead time is 3-4 weeks, order minimum is $200 for Plexi or Carp leather orders; sterling, sting ray, gold minimum orders $500, payment in full before shipment. Shipping $15 insured ground shipping or no charge with your shipper number. Call for rush delivery lead times and costs. Quantity discounts are available please inquire. All sales final after 30 days. Custom orders require 50% non refundable deposit, no refund or exchanges after 30 days of receipt. Call or email orders. This page is updated regularly with new products, please visit often! Thank you again & please enjoy!  Hazel

Shagreen Collection

Shagreen is used to describe a kind of untanned leather with a rough granulated surface such as sharkskin. The shagreen I use is farm raised sting ray, a member of the shark family, from Thailand. Although sting ray is listed as an exotic leather it does not have the conservation problems typical of that group. It is not endangered or threatened; the types of stingrays that provide usable skins are abundant, particularly in the Pacific Rim. They are fished primarily as a food source; the hide is a secondary commodity and would be thrown away if it was not used for leather. For centuries artisans have used the hides from Egyptians to Japanese Samurai. Samurai used it for body armor and sword handles because of it’s strength. All the tiny pearls of stingray leather are grown with their roots into the bottom layer of the leather so it is very difficult to cut and can not tear. The pelts are sanded & dyed and shipments are regulated by US Customs.

Pendants $60

Square or Round 7/8” size in sterling sheet window with sterling sheet back, sterling plated nuts (secured), bolts, washers with 16-18” adjustable cable link chain and your color choice of Shagreen; orange and black shown.

Band $35

6mm wide in whole sizes 6-9 in sterling with your color choice of Shagreen, tan shown. For larger sizes please call for pricing.

Spot Ring $45

7/8” with 3mm tube set faceted gemstone, Sterling ring band is 2mm wide, with your color choice of Shagreen , red with white

sapphire shown. Peridot, Lt Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst, White Sapphire. Special request stones please call for pricing

Spot Ring $32

11/16” diameter without gemstone. Sterling ring band is 2mm wide, with your color choice of Shagreen, khaki shown.

Cuff links $60

Square or Round, 3/4” size in sterling sheet window with sterling sheet backing, sterling plated nuts (secured), bolts, washers with your color choice of Shagreen, tan square and black round shown.

Cash/Card Clip $ $30

Nickel clip (no hinge) with a sterling square wire boarder for your choice of Shagreen, black shown.

Opaque Air Collection

Oxidized sterling with 23 karat gold foil foliage. The gold is applied using an ancient Korean technique Keum Boo which is heat fusing gold to sterlingThe gold will not flake or rub off. Together it looks like falling leaves in opaque air.

Pendants $90

1 3/8” l x 1 1/8”w on a 1mm sterling cable chain adjustable 16-18” length with your choice of leaf, left to right:  Top row: fern, gingko, stamen, bottom row gingko, oak.

Pendants with 14K gold filled chain $100

Earrings $90

3/4”w x 1 1/4”l sterling ear wire with your choice of leaf.

IN Earrings

One of my favorite designers/artists is Isamu Noguchi. While studying his work and his sketches for sculpture I was inspired. I love the combination of silver with gold then adding a hammer texture to catch the light as they swing happily from your lobes! Sterling silver forged wire with double clad 14K gold filled sheet. Can be made with ball post. Shown; gold filled non slip ear wire.

1 3/4”L. Choose from Birds on the left and Triangles on the right $47

Plexi Collection  BEST SELLERS!

I’m big on the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle....and upcycling. I was at a store where discarded Plexiglas signage was on it’s way to the dumpster and I made the decision to take it and the experiments continue! I have really enjoyed working in the new medium! Each piece is hand cut, sanded and heat formed, metal leafed with lacquer.                                                “It’s good for your look and the environment too! “

Plexi Geode Necklace approx 1 1/4” diameter, 18”L Plated Chain $18

             with 18”L14K Gold FIlled or Sterling Chain $35

SPO 23k gold foil & 18K gold chain please call for market price.

Plexi Cuff $18

Gold or silver leaf on 1/8” thick upcycled plexiglass. Leaf will patina slightly with wear and only adds to the beauty. Choose from 1 1/4” or  1 3/4” width.

Branch Earrings

Sterling silver forged wire with 3mm tube set gemstone Peridot, Lt Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst, White Sapphire.

Left: 2 1/4” length with drawn ear wire, peridot shown $60

Right: Swing style 1 1/2” length without stone $28 with gemstone $40

Sierra Vista

Inspired from an annual snowboarding trek to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. An abstract interpretation of the slopes of Sierra Nevada Mountains at Lake Tahoe. Sealed brass sheet with melted upcycled plexiglass signage, chain is adjustable 20” length.

Necklace  3”wide w/ gold plate chain $22

                 3” wide w/14k gold filled chain $38

                 All sterling or 14k gold call for price.

Koi Leather Collection

These fish skins are tanned in a similar process as cowhide but more sustainable and just as durable. Skins come from commercial fisheries and are processed in Canada. Two textures, suede & glazed. Suede is much like cowhide suede but the scale pockets add more texture, colors are more subdued. Glazed is ridged with the most saturated colors.

Koi bracelets: Colors, Chocolate, Navy, Coral, Black

Small Narrow 7 1/2”L x 1 1/4”W with 1 snap 1-10 qty $12 each, 10+ qty $10 each,

Small Wide 7 1/2”L x 1 3/4”W with 2 snaps 1-10 qty $13 each, 10+ qty $11 each

Large wide 8 1/4”L x 1 3/4”” wide with 2 snaps

Please specify colors & size or order a bundle and I will vary the sizes & colors. Steel glove snap.

Koi 3 Earrings above left; Top Sunrise. Middle Peacock. Bottom Dessert. 2 3/4”l x 1 1/2”w. Gold or silver plated accents & ear wire $18 each, Gold filled or sterling ear wire $28

AC Koi Earrings; Inspired by Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculpture. Glazed carp leather with sterling silver ear wire and wire. 2 1/2” l x 1”w Magenta or Turquois $20 each

Spume Neck Cuff

Inspired by the ocean spume as it washes on the beach. Metal leafed 1/4” upcycled plexiglass neck cuffs with hand forged sterling silver or brass 14 gauge wire. Each piece is hand cut, heat formed (until it bubbles) and the underside gold or silver leafed with a sealant over leaf to protect again scratches. Slight variations may occur between pieces which adds a unique character to each! Great to dress up a Tshirt or with a little black dress

Approx 18”Length, 5 1/2‘wide. Gold or sterling filled wire, $36 each

Pleix Bubble Bar Collection

Upcycled plexiglass signage is hand cut and heated to form bubbles inside the plastic. Inspired from a glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve. Plated, sterling silver or 14K Gold filled 18” adjustable chain & lobster clasp & findings.

Pendants: 2” w x 1/4” x 1/4” $28 sterling or gold filled, plated chain $15

Earrings: 1 1/2” l x 1/4” $12 sterling or gold filled ear wires, plated ear wires $8

Earrings  1 1/2” length

                 gold or silver plate ear wire $18

                 14K gold filled or sterling non slip ear wire $28

                 14K gold filled sheet or sterling sheet & ear wire $58


Omega 3 Curve

Inspired by the rich omega 3 oils in salmon fish. Authentic salmon skin is tanned into leather then glazed and mounted to lacquered brass or nickel sheet. Camel, Emerald, Navy or Red.

Pendant, 2 1/2” x 1 1/14” at longest points 18” adjustable plated chain $23

                                             18” adjustable sterling or gold filled chain $35

Earrings, 2 1/4”overall length x 3/4” wide, plated ear wires $18

                                             Sterling or gold filled ear wires $24

Lhamo Necklaces

Inspired by Tibetan amber bead necklaces I hand make these beads by covering wood with glazed carp fish leather on leather cord or hemp with wood, coconut and hand made porcelain beads. Lhamo is a Tibetan word for goddess.

Choose your color, yellow, chocolate, turquois, red or grey

Lhamo 1 Small, coconut, porcelain, 2 1/4”L x 3/4” diameter on 17”L black hemp cord, gunmetal lobster clasp $16 each

Lhamo 1 Medium, wood, porcelain, 2 3/4”L x 1 1/4” diameter on 30” slip knot brown leather cord. $16

Lhamo 1 Large, wood, coconut, porcelain, 3 3/4”L x 3/4” diameter on 35” knotted hemp cord $18

Lhamo 5 Medium, wood, 7 1/2”L x 1 1/4” diameter on 32” slip knot brown leather cord. $30

Lhamo 5

Lhamo 1 med

Lhamo; Top small yellow

Below large, chocolate, turquois, red, grey